Our Products

Our company offers its services in this specialized personnel selection field using psychometric tests, known as Ability Tests, Aptitude Tests, Work Sample Tests, Personality Tests, Interest Tests and Assessment Centre Exercises. These tests are used as tools to predict the suitability of candidates for successful job fulfilment. They provide additional information about candidates, beyond their academic qualifications and / or experience, thus enabling employers to choose the most suitable candidate for the particular job.


We offer a wide range of products that assess the following attributes:


-ability as intelligence by assessing potential to acquire skills in specialized areas of reasoning (verbal, numerical, mechanical, etc.)

– ability as aptitude for acquiring specific work skills

– the evaluation of broader cognitive intelligence using general ability tests. Such tests usually assess:

  • abstract reasoning
  • verbal and numerical intelligence
  • Optical / space intelligence
  • general skills whose levels are related to the content and level of each job.


Apart from the abovementioned variety of skills, our company offers tests at various skill levels, thus covering a wide range of needs of almost all jobs.